Download CF-Auto-Root – Root Over 50 Different Samsung Galaxy SmartPhone Models

A properly rooted Android device has been one of the dreams that an Android user always try to succeed. There are millions of Android users around the world by now and each second the number of users rises. Earlier, users were not very keen on rooting because they were afraid of it due to the lack of rooting knowledge. But, now users are keen on it after getting to know about it via websites, blogs and forums. Android Users read about rooting, ask questions and enhance their knowledge and finally try to do it practically. There are lots of rooting tools and applications available by now and CF-Auto-Root root application is very popular among users even though it a bit older application by now.

Why Should You Download CF-Auto-Root

You may be thinking why CF-Auto-Root is still being discussed even though there are some latest rooting tools. The main reason to discuss the CF-Auto-Root is its format. CF-Auto-Root comes as Odin flashable version and Fastboot flashable version. As you know, Samsung Odin programme is only compatible with files in .tar or .tar.md5 extensions and only CF-Auto-Root Odin flashable version can be flashed using Samsung Odin. The official site of CF-Auto-Root provide root package according to the Samsung Galaxy device model and users are able to download the package and gain root access after flashing the package via Odin.

The every time Samsung Odin and its rooting ability are being discussed, CF-Auto-Root has also been discussed automatically. There is no other root package that can be flashed on Smasung Galaxy devices using Odin. If you are willing to use Odin as your rooting programme, CF-Auto-Root is the option. But unfortunately, you cannot have the CF-Auto-Root Odin flashable zip files for all the Samsung Galaxy models.

CF-Auto-Root Features

  • If you have a KNOX-enabled device, using CF-Auto-Root will trip Knox warranty
  • It Roots your device keeping your device close to stock as much as possible
  • Recommended to use with Samsung Galaxy firmware
  • Gain root access through installing and enabling SuperSU
  • Support over Samsung Galaxy 50 models and number of other models
  • Installs SuperSU binary and SuperSU APK
  • Use the stock recovery of the device and does not contain custom recovery
  • Triangle Away and adbd Insecure are not included
  • Supports Samsung Exynos4/ Texas Instruments Omap4/ Qualcomm MSM8660
  • CF-Auto-Root wipes data on devices with encrypted device storage
download cf-auto-root

How To Use CF-Auto-Root Via Samsung Odin

Samsung Odin is the most successful and popular flashing utility for almost all of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Not only firmware files but also Samsung Odin can flash root packages that are in .tar or .tar.md5. As mentioned above, CF-Auto-Root available in .tar.md5 and can be flashed using Odin. In here you can learn how to use Odin with CF-Auto-Root

Odin compatible CF-Auto-Root Features

  • Flashes modified recovery and cache partition
  • Installs SuperSU
  • clean-up the cache partition and re-flash the stock recovery
  • Device must be connected in “ODIN download mode” to flash CF-Auto-Root root package
  • Root works in recovery mode and device reboot into recovery mode after flashing the device. If not user has to boot the device into recovery mode manually
  • CF-Auto-Root trips the Knox Warranty

System Requirements

  • Samsung Galaxy device with separate kernel and recovery partition
  • boot.img in standard kernel and recovery format
  • A Windows computer
  • Download and Extract CF-Auto-Root Package according to your device model

How To Flash CF-Auto-Root Root Package Using Samsung Odin

1 Step – Check the device model number

CF-Auto-Root packages have been offered according to the device model and you have to find out your device model before flashing the root package. Go to setting > About phone on your Android mobile and get to know the device model number

2 Step – Download CF-Auto-Root Package

After getting your device model number, visit CF-Auto-Root official site and download the relevant root package for your device according to the device model number. Extract the root package into a quickly accessible location. The root package contains both CF-Auto rooting application and Odin programme. Hence, you do not need to download the Odin separately. Right-click on the Odin.exe and run the programme as Administrator.

3 Step – Boot Your Device Into Odin Mode

Switch off your device first. Then, press and hold Volume down+Home+Power button at once. Now, connect your smartphone to the computer using a USB cable. Launch the Odin programme.

4 Step – Detecting Your Device

Odin will recognize your device and indicate it in ID: COM area. The ID: COM area will turn in to blue colour when the device detected successfully.

5 Step – Flashing CF-Auto-Root Package

Click on the “AP/PDA” button and load the extracted root application. Wait until you see the “Leave CS” message in the log area. As soon as, you get the message, click on the “Start” button to begin the flashing process

Final Word

Rooting process may sometimes cause bricking. Do not proceed without taking a device backup and using the CF-Auto-Root is at your own risk. Also, make sure to get the correct root package according to your device. Because the wrong file may cause improper behaviours of your device. CF-Auto-Root is a creation and a free distribution from Chainfire from XDA members who need to be praised at every time when CF-Auto-Root is being used.