MTK droid tools with enhancements

Today we are going to narrate our story about one of remarkable software suggestions of XDA developers. Users who worry about their MTK chipset based smartphone can use this that we call MTK droid tools.Its latest version 2.5.3 comes with several enhanced possibilities and further device support for users to easily resolve whatever trouble related to their handset.

MTK droid tools for Android

In this point, users should realize that this is a specialized Android application for those devices come with MTK chipsets. Therefore, using the application, they can carry out whatever task that we will note in the following list devoid of any complicated. Having the most recent release of the utility is important. So, download version 2.5.3 on your PC and get ready to root or else recover your handset using the easiest and the free of cost application in the web.

However, in fact, this is not a common flashing tool that we often consider. It is kind of an error fixing supporter as well. You can easily establish it on your desktop and network the Smartphone using a USB cable and transfer data wand that based a scatter file.

Features behind MTK droid tools

Root MTK devices

Bring root permission is one of key features that users can accomplish through. Using the tool root key with a single click, you can simply get root permission on your handset frame.

Backup and restore recovery

Create a backup of your recovery is no longer complicated when you know how to handle MTK droid tools. Moreover, you can easily restore the created backup there using the same application.

Backup stock ROM

Create a backup of the official ROM package can easily arrange throughout this utility.

Write and restore IMEI

IMEI number is an important part of a Smartphone for some serious cases. Therefore, if you lost your IMEI for some reasons, there is nothing to worry if you know how to manage it using this implement.

How to root your Android?

Before begin the following guide, you must concern each and every preparation step there such as charge the handset, compile a PC and a USB cable and having the latest MTK droid tools version as well an important

Facilitate USB debugging mode via Developer options of Settings app

And then use the arranged USB cable and connect the handset that you need to root to the PC

Then remain for “drivers successfully installed” notification to make certain the installation

Now you can start the procedure by run the tool application as administrator. For that right click on the file and select the certain option you desire

So then, the tool should detect the connected phone and display all the information of the handset

Now, create a backup is important if you could not arrange it before start the procedure

And then select the “to prepare blocks for flash Tool” option

At the end, use the root key to start the operation and let the handset commence it