How to Root ZTE Android Phone with one-click Kingo Root?

Rooting is the best way one could open the Android device to its full potential. So if you are ZTE Android phone user looking for the best chance in Android root, here you are at the right place. So this is about How to Root ZTE Android Phone with one-click Kingo Root, read on.

how to root zte android phone

ZTE is the largest 4th handset manufacturers in concern globally. So there are many series under ZTE device models to choose from. But if you still feel like something missing, it is the call for Android root. So here you are the complete guide to Root ZTE Android Phone in the easiest way.

How to Root ZTE Android Phone?

When it comes to android root, Kingo Root is one of the most popular root tools that direct through the safest one-click root. While you have both PC and APK manuals here under the tool, we find more popularity for the mobile APK root tool. So here in targeting how to root ZTE Android phone, we will cover up the complete guide to Kingo Root APK download and flow.

Step 1: First enable unknown sources from the ZTE device’s settings

Step 2: Then make sure your ZTE Android Phone has sufficient battery strength. Better you charge more than 60% of the battery to run the whole process with no interruption

Step 3: Download Kingo Root APK on the device and run the tool with screen instructions

Step 4: Hit “Root” and let the tool process in order

This is all that you need to do under Kingo Root APK for rooting Android ZTE smartphones. So at the end of the process, you can use a root checker free tool from the play store in order to verify the root status completely.

Why should you root ZTE Android Phone?

Even if your device has its unique features and colors, you may still feel like something more is needed. So take your chance to Android root and enjoy best backups, unlimited third-party app downloads, flashing custom firmware/ kernels, install frameworks/mods, try advanced themes and a lot more. but make sure you choose Kingo Root as your trusted one-click Android root tool to get the highest benefits in superuser download with no failures and risks.

Are you happy about rooting your Android ZTE device? what are the best features love after rooting?

How To Root Android Nougat With Magisk

how to root Android

Android Nougat is the seventh major version of the Android mobile operating system. It was officially launched on 22nd August 2016 with Nexus devices with software update support and the LG V20 was the first smartphone shipped with Android Nougat. When compared to previous Android versions, Nougat was empowered by a number of amazing features and strong security features. When it comes to security features, it seems that Android Nougat has been designed to face future Android vulnerabilities successfully. That is why there was not a successful rooting solution for long to root Android Nougat at the beginning. Actually, developers took a long time to designed a successful rooting solution for Android Nougat than usual.

Android Nougat Security Features

  • The media stack has been hardened to face the Stagefright bugs
  • Runtime integer overflow detection
  • Revamped Android’s monolithic MediaServer process
  • Unprivileged sandbox for each separated media server process
  • Various procedures to prevent injecting malicious code or executed into the Linux kernel
  • stronger stack protection in GCC compile to decrease the stack smashing
  • Performance Counters for Linux(perf) has been disabled by default to reduce the kernel exposure to potentially malicious code
  • The “Verified Boot” policy must be enforced on devices shipping with Android Nougat and it prevents booting or run operation in a limited-use mode if the device has corrupted system files or unauthorized modifications.

As you see, Android Nougat has several strong security features that prevent you from using any boot mod tools on the device. As a result of there features, you can only find a limited number of rooting tools that compatible with Android Nougat. When it comes to one click Android root tools, RootKHP is the most successful one-click rooting tool for Android Nougat. On the other hand, when it comes to flashing method, Magisk has a higher reputation on Android Nougat as a rooting solution

root Android

Download Magisk

Magisk is one of most popular Android rooting solution whic is compatible up to Android Pie. The whole credit for designing Magisk goes to topjohnwu ho has a higher reputation as a Recognized Developer / Recognized Contributor in XDA developers and the team. Magisk works as a systemless interface altering the Android system partion and storing the alterations in the boot partition. It means you have root acess although your Android system always remains intact. The principle in Magisk helps users use apps which are not allowed to run on rooted Android devices. perhaps you may have already seen the pop up saying “Your device rooted, you cannot run this app” when you try to run a financial app on a rooted device. In such cases, Magisk is the best options have root acess while using the apps which require pure Android system.

Android root


You can root Android 4.2+ to Android Pie using Magisk. Basically, you need to flash the Magisk Zip file in a custom recovery to gain root access on your device. But this regular mechanism doe not fit for every Magisk compatible Android version. In such cases, you need to follow the boot image patching method or direct installation method. Most of the times, theses methods are used for higher Android versions and devices that do not support custom recovery. In general, you can use the custom recovery method to root your device with Magisk


How To Root Android Nougat With Magisk

  • Get a complete back up of your device
  • Download and Install the latest Android USB drivers on your computer
  • Download relavant TWRP custom recovery image for your Android Nougat device on your computer
  • Enable USB debugging mode
  • Unlock the device bootloader
  • Download and Install ADB and fastboot drivers
  • Go to the TWRP recovery image file and Press Shift + Right-click to Open command window
  • Select “Open command window here” option in the drop-down menu
  • Then it will open a command window
  • Connect your Nougat device to the computer and boot it in to fastboot mode typing adb reboot bootloader in command Window
  • If you see “Allow USB debugging” pop up on your Android device, tap on it to continue
  • Type fastboot flash recovery command with the complete name of your recovery image file
  • Type fastboot reboot command line in the command window to reboot your

Magisk Root

  • Now, disconnect your device and download the Magisk Zip file in it
  • Boot your device into recovery mode and tap on install
  • Find the Magisk Zip file and select it
  • Swipe the slider in recovery mode to flash the Zip file and tap on reboot system when flashing done
how to root

Note: You need to backup your stock recovery before flashing a custom recovery since you cannot receive OTA updates without stock recovery.

Bottom Line

Now, you have rooted your device with Magisk and you must see the Magisk manager on your device homescreen. It contains all the Magisk features you can use to manage and customize your device. If you cannot find it on your homescreen, download it manually

How To Root Android Ice Cream Sandwich – Try OneClickRoot

how to root

Android Ice cream sandwich is the ninth version of the Android mobile operating system. Google released it in 2011 for manufacturing purposes and it was succeeded by Android Jellybean Android Ice cream is an important turning point in Android history as ti was the first Android version for both Smartphone and tablets. The Gingerbread (Only smartphones)and the Honeycomb(Only Tablets) were the preceded versions to the Icecream Sandwich. Currently, it is hard to find someone who is using an Android Icecream Sandwich device. However, according to Google statistics, 0.3% of all Android users still using Ice Cream Sandwich.

How To Root Android Ice Cream Sandwich

As this an older version of the Android operating system, it is not hard to find out a rooting application for your ICS device. There are a number of competitive one-click rooting tools which helps users to gain root acess. OneclickRoot application is one of competitive rooting application which is highly compatible with Android 2.2.X, 2.3.X, and 4.0.X. OneclickRoot application is a paid application and available in both APK and PC version. If you have been thinking of how to root your ICS device, you can give it a try

Why OneClickRoot

  • Highly compatible with Android 2.2.X, 2.3.X, and 4.0.X
  • Available in PC and Android versions
  • No device bricking
  • Customer support
  • Faster and Secure
  • Remote Root Service for Higher Android versions
  • Provide a free scan to check the device compatibility with the application

How To Use OneClickRoot PC Version

  • 1 Step – Charge and Backup your smartphone
  • 2 Step – Install USB drivers on your computer for your device and restart your PC
  • 3 Step – Download and install One Click Root on your Windows or Mac computer
  • 4 Step – Connect your Android device to the computer
  • 5 Step – Enable USB Debugging mode on your Android smartphone
  • 6 Step – Finally, run the OneClickRoot application and click “Root Now” button to root your device
how to root

If you are really suspicious about the compatibility of the app, you can run “Manual Check” available in the application to verify if the device can be rooted using the OneClickRoot application. Also, you can have live chat with Root expert when you come across a complication when you try to root your device.

How To Use OneClickRoot APK Version

OneClickRoot APK is a simple application and you can install it on your Android device very easily.

  • 1 Step – Charge and Back up your device
  • 2 Step – Got to Settings >Security > Enable Unknown Sources
  • 3 Step – Download and Install OneClickRoot APK on your Android device
  • 4 Step – After installing run the “Scan Now” to check the root ability of your device
  • 5 Step – If compatible, tap on “Root Device” to have root acess on your device
how to root

Note: OneClickRoot does not require you to unlocked the bootloader of your device. But root an Android with locked bootloader decrease the success rate of the rooting tool. So, try to root your device after unlocking the bootloader of your Android whatever the rooting tool you are going to use. Some rooting tools unlock the bootloader of your device if you have not unlocked it. This unlocking mechanism wipes your device data automatically and you cannot avoid it. So, it is better to unlock your bootloader before root your device

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does OneClickRoot will brick my Android device

This is one of the common questions that arise when going to use a rooting application. Actually, it is reasonable. Because most of apps brick Android devices as the apps runs on the device withou checking the device compatibility. You do not get such a bad condition with the ClickRoot rooting application since it does not run on your device if it is not compatible. Technically, the app doesn’t harm your device. But your device may be damaged if you lose battery power or disconnect your device from the PC when the rooting is done. Therefore, be careful about such unexpected conditions.

  • Does the OneClickRoot App compatible with all the Android smartphones within 2.2.X, 2.3.X, and 4.0.X

No. It is not compatible with all Android smartphones. OneClickRoot App is not compatible with HTC smartphones and tablets that are running on Android 3.0. Also if you are using Android 4.0.3 or a higher version, you cannot use the application

  • “Unable To Find Android Device” When connected to the PC

Generally, you have to face this problem due to improper USB drivers installation or inaccessible USB debugging mode. Give it a try after fixing these issues.

Final Word

Android rooting is a really useful task for Android users who want to have the advanced uses form their devices. But it is not recommended or accepted by device manufacturers and consider it as one of the prominent reasons to cancels your device warranty.

How To Root Android And Flash Custom Kernel

As Android users, all of us keen on Android rooting and its uses. Rooting is the best way to extend the device performance in a simple way. You, I and all the Android users have heard the word “Rooting” as much as we cannot count by now. I also have read lots of things about rooting methods and I have tried some of them by now. I hope you have also read a lot about rooting and its advantages. When it comes to rooting purposes, flashing a custom kernel come to the top of the list. The purpose of this piece of article is to explain the way of rooting Android and flashing a custom kernel.

How To Root Your Android Device

When it comes to how to root android phone matter, there are two basic ways to root your Android device. Those are one-click rooting and manual rooting. Even though the methods are categorised like this you cannot use them as you want. You need to check out your device brand/model/Android version and bootloader status before rooting your device. If you are running on Android 5.1.1 or lower, it is better using one-click rooting tools since most of the one-click rooting tools support Android Lollipop and lower versions.

Actually, it is hard to find out a one-click rooting tool which supports higher versions of Android since Android security has been tightened on the latest Android versions. If you are using Android 5.1.1 or below version you can try Framaroot, Towelroot, Kingroot,iRoot, Root Master and One click root as your rooting solution. All the one-click rooting tools come as APKs and some of them have PC versions too. Since the one-click rooting tool does not require heavy installation process you can install them on your device very easily. Here is the general method to install a one-click rooting tool on your device.

  • 1 Step – Download one-click rooting tool APK on your Android device
  • 2 Step – Enable Unknown sources via your device settings
  • 3 Step – Install the application on your device
  • 4 Step – Open application and tap on the “Root” button or “Root Acess” button to root your device
  • 5 Step – Some tools reboot your device automatically when rooting is done and you need to reboot the device yourself if it does not happen automatically

Most of the one-click rooting tools follow the same installation method and your device must be connected to the internet while rooting is done. Because the exploit data which one-click rooting tools are using stored on servers and data should be transferred. In case you cannot gain the root acess using a one-click rooting tool you have to execute the Supersu zip file manually in a custom recovery.

How To Flash Custom Kernel On Rooted Device

Flashing a custom kernel is one of the key purposes of Android rooting. Some of Custom kernels does not require root acess to be installed on the system. But root acess becomes essential when you try to change kernel settings to enhance the device performance and battery life. Use SuperSu or Magisk and root your device. Make sure to have a backup of the stock rooted kernel using a kernel manager. You do not need to root your device to download kernel manager

  • 1 Step – Download correct custom kernel zip file for your device and Android version on your Android device
  • 2 Step – Unlock the bootloader of your device to be able to install the custom kernel file and custom recovery
  • 3 Step – Install fastboot and adb on your computer to interact with your Android device
  • 4 Step – Enable Developer Options and USB debugging mode on your device to accept the adb command from the PC
  • 5 Step – Download correct TWRP recovery on your device
  • 6 Step – Now, connect your device to the computer and use adb command adb reboot bootloader to reboot to bootloader
  • 7 Step – Use fastboot boot [path to TWRP you downloaded] command and boot the device temporarily to TWRP recovery
  • 8 Step – When the device is booted in to recovery mode select Backup > Check “boot” and “recovery” to back up stock recovery.img and boot.img on your SD card
  • 9 Step – Now, use adb reboot bootloader command and boot in to bootloader and flash TWRP recovery permanently using fastboot flash recovery [path to TWRP recovery image]

Now you have installed TWRP recovery on your device and you can boot your device in to recovery mode using adb reboot recovery command. After booting in to recovery mode you can flash the custom kernel zip file. Some of the custom kernels have its own kernel manager and you need to download it to manage newly flashed custom kernel.


Rooting is the best way to customize and boost an Android device in every aspect. But you need to have good guidance and enough knowledge to proceed. If you are a fresher to Android world wait until you get enough knowledge and practice about rooting and other functionalities.

Download Framaroot – Root Almost All Of Qualcomm Devices

Hello, Android lovers! Here is another mind blowing rooting tool which has a longer compatible list when compared to other one-click rooting tools. Most of the one-click rooting tools have been designed based on the device brand. But Framaroot has been designed based on the device chipset. That is why it has a wide compatible list. Let’s dive into the story and find out what Framaroot root can do.


Framaroot APK

Framaroot was designed and distributed free by alephzain who is a senior member of XDA members. If you are keen on Android development XDA cannot be an unknown place for you. It is the place where most of the talented and outstanding Android developers present and share their works. Framaroot APK is one of the outstanding work that came from XDA developers. The application installs Superuser APK and Su binary in your device when rooted it and Superuser APK and Su binary are compatible with up to Android 2 to Android 4. It is true that the compatible Android version is too old to use. But Framaroot APK would be useful those who are still using the devices on these versions.

Mechanism Of Framaroot APK

Framaroot APK comes as a one-click rooting tool and compatibility based on device chipset. If you are running on one of Qualcomm, MTK, K3V2, AMLogic, Exynos or Omap36XX you can give it a try. Framaroot APK uses a specific exploit for each chipset.

  • Qualcomm – Gandalf exploit
  • MTK – Boromir, Faramir and Barahir exploits
  • K3V2 – Pippin exploit
  • AMLogic – Gollum exploit
  • Exynos – Sam, Frodo, Legolas and Aragorn exploits
  • Omap36XX – Gimli exploit
framaroot download

How To Download Framaroot APK

  • 1 Step – As rooting may cause bricking your device, make sure to back up your device before implementing the rooting process
  • 2 Step – Download Framaroot APK on your device
  • 3 Step – Make sure to “Enable Unknown Sources” on your device following Settings > Security > Check Unknown Sources to avoid Android from denying app installation
  • 4 Step – Now, install the application on your device and open it
  • 5 Step – Then, Framaroot APK will show you the exploit that is going to be used to root your device
  • 6 Step – Tap on the exploit and you will see some instructions as “Install SuperSU, Unroot or Execute script”
framaroot apk
  • 7 Step – Now, tap on “Install SuperSU” and give your permission for all when required during the rooting process. Do not hesitate to permit since it is harmless for your device
  • 8 Step – Finally, it will ask your permission to “Reboot” your device .Give your permission
  • 9 Step – Your device may longer time to reboot when compared to the usual reboot. It is because Framaroot is installing Superuser and Su binary on your device
  • 10 Step – After rebooting your device, you will be able to see SuperSU application on your device which allows you to manage root access on your rooted device

Note: If your device displays “Your device seems not vulnerable to exploit included in Framaroot” message after launching the application uninstall the application. The message informs you that Framaroot is not compatible with your device. In this case, you can do Odin download if you are Samsung Galaxy or you can try Kingroot, RootKHP, iRoot or Towelroot which have earned a higher reputation as one-click rooting tools.

Possible Actions On Framaroot APK

You may see some of the actions after selecting the exploit on Framaroot when launched. Each action gives you a piece of different information and it helps you to understand if the rooting is successful or unsuccessful.

  • Success – Informs you that rooting is successful and device needs to be rebooted
  • Failed – You may get this message when the device is not rooted even if exploit compatible with the device and also you may get this message when you should try another exploit
  • Half-Success – Reboot your device and use adb

For Advanced Users

If you are an Advanced Android user after rooting your device you can use Execute script option on Framaroot to execute a custom shell script.


When compared to other one-click rooting tool Framaroot is bi older but works fine of most previous Android versions. If you are using the latest Android firmware Framasroot would not be the ideal option since it is hard to root most of latest firmware using older rooting tools.

Download CF-Auto-Root & Make Your Rooting Dream Successful

Smartphones are very interesting and assist us to make our daily tasks easier. According to the users’ preferences, smartphone and their operating systems vary. Currently, several mobile operating systems are being used in the world and Android is the most popular mobile operating system by now. Most of the smartphone manufacturers use Android as their operating system and customized it before shipping with the device. As a result of this, users are unable to change the system as they want although the Android is an open-source platform. That is why users need rooting tools such as CF-Auto-Root.

Why CF-Auto-Root Download

As mentioned above, almost all of the smartphones are locked by manufacturers to prevent alterations on the device operating system. The key purpose of these software restrictions is to keep the device and customers safe from third-parties. Although the purpose is positive, it affects users preferences badly. Because users cannot grab the full potential of the device and satisfy as they want due to software restrictions. Installing third-party apps/games, installing custom firmware, and uninstalling system apps are completely prohibited on stock smartphones.

The only way to remove these restrictions is to root the smartphone. As you know, there are a number of smartphones and there is no single root tool to use for all these smartphones. Rooting tool varies according to the device. But CF-Auto-Root is different in this case since it allows users to root a number of smartphones using the same tool. Despite the compatibility, CF-Auto-Root is the one and only root application which can be flashed using Odin. Because Chainfire, who is the developer of CF-Auto-Root offers the tool in two versions for both Odin flashable devices and fastboot flashable devices. In addition to these facts, CF-Auto-Root is a simple rooting programme which can be used on Windows, Macos and Linux

CF-Auto-Root For Odin Flashable Devices

As you know, Odin is the official flashing programme for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Odin flashable devices refer to Samsung Galaxy smartphones and you can root your Galaxy device by flashing the CF-Auto-Root package via Samsung Odin. CF-Auto-Root For Odin Flashable Devices comes in .tar.md5 files and it flashes a modified recovery and cache partition in order to install SuperSU and finally cache partition is removed while re-flashing the stock recovery. CF-Auto-Root only works in recovery mode and device needs to be booted into recovery mode after flashing the files. Normally, it happened soon after the files are flashed and need to be done manually if not. CF-Auto-Root requires a bootloader unlocked device and your device may brick if you flash the application without unlocking the bootloader.

CF-Auto-Root For Fastboot Flashable Devices

Non- Samsung Galaxy Smartphone users can use CF-Auto-Root For Fastboot Flashable Devices and root their devices. This version of CF-Auto-Root comes in .img files and you can boot them through fastboot commands. You need to enable the fastboot mode on your device and run the included script for your OS in order to use the tool. As same as the other version, you need an unlocked bootloader to use this version. But you do not need to unlock the bootloader yourself since included scripts do it for you. But be careful since it wipes all your data. If your device has a specific OEM unlock tool you need to use it instead of the provided solution

How To Root Odin Flashable Devices Using CF-Auto-Root

  • Download and Install relevant USB drivers for your device on your Windows computer
  • Reboot your computer
  • Check your device model number, Build number and Android version
  • Visit official CF-Auto-Root website and download the correct Root package that matches to device model number, Build number and Android version
  • Extract the root package and there you will be able to find Odin executable file
  • Right-click on the Odin.exe and run the programme as the “Administrator”
  • Now, switch off your smartphone
  • Press and hold the volume down+Home+Power buttons together
  • Then, your device will reboot while displaying a Warning screen
  • Press the volume up button to enter Download Mode
  • Now, connect your device to the computer using a compatible USB cable
  • ID: COM area will indicate when Odin recognizes the device
  • Click on “AP/PDA” button on the Odin interface and place the CF-Auto-Root application and wait until the Odin loads the data
  • When you see the “Leave CS” message in the “Log Box” click on the “Start” button
  • Then, your device will reboot into a modified recovery displaying a large red Android logo and
  • it will be rooted
  • Finally, your device will reboot into Android back

How To Root Fastboot Flashable Devices Using CF-Auto-Root

  • Boot Your device into “Bootloader Mode” by pressing and holding the volume down and power button at once after switching off the device
  • Connect your device to the computer when arrived Bootloader Menu
  • Go to the extracted root package and double-click the correct script according to your computer operating system
  • Next, you will get a command prompt window and press any key to continue
  • The CF-Auto-Root will do the rest of the process and the device will reboot finally
  • Now, it’s safe to unplug your device

Wrap Up

If you are a Mac or Linux user who is willing to use CF-Auto-Root For Fastboot Flashable Devices you need to have chmod +x root-linux/ before root your device.

Download CF-Auto-Root – Root Over 50 Different Samsung Galaxy SmartPhone Models

A properly rooted Android device has been one of the dreams that an Android user always try to succeed. There are millions of Android users around the world by now and each second the number of users rises. Earlier, users were not very keen on rooting because they were afraid of it due to the lack of rooting knowledge. But, now users are keen on it after getting to know about it via websites, blogs and forums. Android Users read about rooting, ask questions and enhance their knowledge and finally try to do it practically. There are lots of rooting tools and applications available by now and CF-Auto-Root root application is very popular among users even though it a bit older application by now.

Why Should You Download CF-Auto-Root

You may be thinking why CF-Auto-Root is still being discussed even though there are some latest rooting tools. The main reason to discuss the CF-Auto-Root is its format. CF-Auto-Root comes as Odin flashable version and Fastboot flashable version. As you know, Samsung Odin programme is only compatible with files in .tar or .tar.md5 extensions and only CF-Auto-Root Odin flashable version can be flashed using Samsung Odin. The official site of CF-Auto-Root provide root package according to the Samsung Galaxy device model and users are able to download the package and gain root access after flashing the package via Odin.

The every time Samsung Odin and its rooting ability are being discussed, CF-Auto-Root has also been discussed automatically. There is no other root package that can be flashed on Smasung Galaxy devices using Odin. If you are willing to use Odin as your rooting programme, CF-Auto-Root is the option. But unfortunately, you cannot have the CF-Auto-Root Odin flashable zip files for all the Samsung Galaxy models.

CF-Auto-Root Features

  • If you have a KNOX-enabled device, using CF-Auto-Root will trip Knox warranty
  • It Roots your device keeping your device close to stock as much as possible
  • Recommended to use with Samsung Galaxy firmware
  • Gain root access through installing and enabling SuperSU
  • Support over Samsung Galaxy 50 models and number of other models
  • Installs SuperSU binary and SuperSU APK
  • Use the stock recovery of the device and does not contain custom recovery
  • Triangle Away and adbd Insecure are not included
  • Supports Samsung Exynos4/ Texas Instruments Omap4/ Qualcomm MSM8660
  • CF-Auto-Root wipes data on devices with encrypted device storage
download cf-auto-root

How To Use CF-Auto-Root Via Samsung Odin

Samsung Odin is the most successful and popular flashing utility for almost all of Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Not only firmware files but also Samsung Odin can flash root packages that are in .tar or .tar.md5. As mentioned above, CF-Auto-Root available in .tar.md5 and can be flashed using Odin. In here you can learn how to use Odin with CF-Auto-Root

Odin compatible CF-Auto-Root Features

  • Flashes modified recovery and cache partition
  • Installs SuperSU
  • clean-up the cache partition and re-flash the stock recovery
  • Device must be connected in “ODIN download mode” to flash CF-Auto-Root root package
  • Root works in recovery mode and device reboot into recovery mode after flashing the device. If not user has to boot the device into recovery mode manually
  • CF-Auto-Root trips the Knox Warranty

System Requirements

  • Samsung Galaxy device with separate kernel and recovery partition
  • boot.img in standard kernel and recovery format
  • A Windows computer
  • Download and Extract CF-Auto-Root Package according to your device model

How To Flash CF-Auto-Root Root Package Using Samsung Odin

1 Step – Check the device model number

CF-Auto-Root packages have been offered according to the device model and you have to find out your device model before flashing the root package. Go to setting > About phone on your Android mobile and get to know the device model number

2 Step – Download CF-Auto-Root Package

After getting your device model number, visit CF-Auto-Root official site and download the relevant root package for your device according to the device model number. Extract the root package into a quickly accessible location. The root package contains both CF-Auto rooting application and Odin programme. Hence, you do not need to download the Odin separately. Right-click on the Odin.exe and run the programme as Administrator.

3 Step – Boot Your Device Into Odin Mode

Switch off your device first. Then, press and hold Volume down+Home+Power button at once. Now, connect your smartphone to the computer using a USB cable. Launch the Odin programme.

4 Step – Detecting Your Device

Odin will recognize your device and indicate it in ID: COM area. The ID: COM area will turn in to blue colour when the device detected successfully.

5 Step – Flashing CF-Auto-Root Package

Click on the “AP/PDA” button and load the extracted root application. Wait until you see the “Leave CS” message in the log area. As soon as, you get the message, click on the “Start” button to begin the flashing process

Final Word

Rooting process may sometimes cause bricking. Do not proceed without taking a device backup and using the CF-Auto-Root is at your own risk. Also, make sure to get the correct root package according to your device. Because the wrong file may cause improper behaviours of your device. CF-Auto-Root is a creation and a free distribution from Chainfire from XDA members who need to be praised at every time when CF-Auto-Root is being used.

MTK droid tools with enhancements

Today we are going to narrate our story about one of remarkable software suggestions of XDA developers. Users who worry about their MTK chipset based smartphone can use this that we call MTK droid tools.Its latest version 2.5.3 comes with several enhanced possibilities and further device support for users to easily resolve whatever trouble related to their handset.

MTK droid tools for Android

In this point, users should realize that this is a specialized Android application for those devices come with MTK chipsets. Therefore, using the application, they can carry out whatever task that we will note in the following list devoid of any complicated. Having the most recent release of the utility is important. So, download version 2.5.3 on your PC and get ready to root or else recover your handset using the easiest and the free of cost application in the web.

However, in fact, this is not a common flashing tool that we often consider. It is kind of an error fixing supporter as well. You can easily establish it on your desktop and network the Smartphone using a USB cable and transfer data wand that based a scatter file.

Features behind MTK droid tools

Root MTK devices

Bring root permission is one of key features that users can accomplish through. Using the tool root key with a single click, you can simply get root permission on your handset frame.

Backup and restore recovery

Create a backup of your recovery is no longer complicated when you know how to handle MTK droid tools. Moreover, you can easily restore the created backup there using the same application.

Backup stock ROM

Create a backup of the official ROM package can easily arrange throughout this utility.

Write and restore IMEI

IMEI number is an important part of a Smartphone for some serious cases. Therefore, if you lost your IMEI for some reasons, there is nothing to worry if you know how to manage it using this implement.

How to root your Android?

Before begin the following guide, you must concern each and every preparation step there such as charge the handset, compile a PC and a USB cable and having the latest MTK droid tools version as well an important

Facilitate USB debugging mode via Developer options of Settings app

And then use the arranged USB cable and connect the handset that you need to root to the PC

Then remain for “drivers successfully installed” notification to make certain the installation

Now you can start the procedure by run the tool application as administrator. For that right click on the file and select the certain option you desire

So then, the tool should detect the connected phone and display all the information of the handset

Now, create a backup is important if you could not arrange it before start the procedure

And then select the “to prepare blocks for flash Tool” option

At the end, use the root key to start the operation and let the handset commence it

Boost battery saving with Greenify apk download

Having an Android may not easy if tools like Greenify is not there. Unlike other operating systems, Android offers its users a heap of third-party applications to customize their devices. Though you may not agree with rooting, it does not matter for still there are tons of non-root uses as well. However, Greenify apk download is one of those wonderful offers as we clarified above which introduced to stop wasting your battery. Since it is a serious issue that users could not resolve thus far, knowing that there is a perfect arrangement is really delightful.

greenify apk

Greenify apk download for Android

In fact, Greenify capable to hibernate all background apps that being the reason behind battery waste of Smartphone and Tablet. Hibernate is the specific performance that the utility used to keep those applications forty winks. So then, the battery will smoothly perform and will not waste for any reason. When you are away from those apps, they will not reason to devastate your battery power at all. But behind its procedure, it will not drop those apps completely. They will function often but will not ground for battery misuse. Though there are many applications for features, this is the sole dealer which capable to support you for the particular salt away.

Greenify apk download the latest version

The latest version of Greenify contains a couple of fixes and enhancements for a better coverage. Moreover, the app now can hibernate more applications and keep those essential functions of the device such as instant alerts, alarm and so on alive. You can easily enter each app there to the list and set them to sleep until you come around. You can find out the latest version 4.5.1 from respective third-party sources and the Google Play store as well. Once settle it to the device frame, you can enter each third-party app to the hibernate list and ask the implement to keep them silent.

Changelogs of version 1.4.5

  • Media playback uncovering with smart hibernation
  • The app can now capture background sync chore applications as well
  • Android Oreo devices will capable to accurately analyze reports
  • Working app position will gain more details in freedom mode
  • Android O users can now hide alerts of sticky notifications
  • Moreover, Android P users got a new setup for the inner functions of the tool

greenify apk download

Wrapping up

If you were worried about the battery consumption of your beloved Smartphone since far, do not ever waste your time. Just let Greenify resolve everything for you in minutes. All you have to do is set up its Apk app approach there on your device system and enter those background apps that you do not often move from side to side. The most recent update is the best that you must update or install when you are searching for. By the way, it does not matter you are root or not. You are warmly welcome with whatever status. Thanks to Oasis feng, you are capable to simply set up the utility on your system and enjoy the unsurpassed.

How to root using Magisk Manager?

Those who want to deal with recent and demanding root suggestions got an amazing update call Magisk Manager. Root an Android is the most excellent manner to enhance the system. Since this became a trend and advanced approach, it became popular during the first couple of years from its official release and gathered over 3 million users around the world. Its multifunction structure is the key part that it became an astonishing implement. But rooting is just one function that it holds. There are several other significant uses that you can simply deal once set up to the handset. Throughout, you can increase the default root status with advanced uses. So our story is for those fellows who hold the attention of Magisk root. Here we go.

magisk manager

Magisk manager for Android rooting

As we clarified above, rooting is just a single part that we can grab through. Therefore, there we have a couple of further options as well that are useful when you are crazy about having a rooted handset. Because of its special approach, it calls systemless rooting. So this is the world’s first ever systemless rooting tool. In accordance with XDA developer topjohnwu, this is the best method for users to become rooted and capture everything they love. Since all the rest famous tools can only offer you root permission, there is no doubt that all of you would like to deal with an application that can unwrap a couple of from the same doorway.

Features of Magisk manager

MagiskSU is the first part that we have to consider here since it is the one that supports the user to become rooted. And all you have to do is just tap on the specific key. And then once you become rooted, you can hide your status with Magisk Hide. So then, unlike other rooting applications, users can do both at the same time using Magisk tool. As a result of this certain option, you are capable to bypass the SafetyNet of Google to carefully bring those apps that do not support root status.

And then it is Magisk mount. Throughout, the user capable to arrange any modification completely devoid of handset partitions. The final one is a Magisk manager. So it is the part that we can use as the center that controls everything based on the application.

magisk manager

Compatibility of the tool

Same as any other application, there are a couple of limited Android editions that the tool can support behind. So starting Android 5.0, it recommended up to Oreo the 8th as well. But apart from that, there is no any certain device model or a brand that specified.

How to download and install?

So the first thing is to find out the certain application file from the web. Keep in mind that it comes as a free implement. Therefore, you have nothing to worry. Just download the package. It available in zip format. The installation procedure is based on TWRP method. getting the latest version of the tool can let you go through a perfect procedure.