Guide to CF auto root note 4

This is for those who are with Samsung Note 4. Let’s see how to easily bring root permission on your Note 4? So it is everything about CF auto root note 4. We will unfold the complete guide as follow. Before that, remember that this is not another one-click root guide. So you have to go through a long procedure. But it is safe and will finally bring your root permission. As a Samsung user, use the Odin tool behind this. It will set your device operating system.

cf auto root note 4

How to CF auto root note 4?

  • First of all, you have to make sure that your device model number got a separate CF auto root file
  • And it is important to backup all data on your device. If there is a microchip, you can remove it and keep it away
  • Compile a Windows computer
  • Download the latest Samsung drivers in it and install it right away. If you think about Samsung Kies, it is important to remove kies and install drivers
  • Go to the official webpage of CF Auto root and download the package according to your device model
  • And then download Samsung Odin tool
  • Unzip both files that download in previous steps
  • Run Odin exe file as an administrator. For that, you have to right click on the file and select the option
  • Now bring the Smartphone and put it in to download mode. Use Volume, Home and Power buttons as recommended. So then turn off it and enable Odin/Download mode in it
  • And then connect it to the computer
  • The user interface of Odin should notify that the device has been connected
  • Now click respective buttons on the interface and browse files
  • And then you can click the start button

The entire process will start and will take several minutes. You cannot try to operate the device for any reason. Just stay there until you see there is a long reboot. Then only you can unplug it from the machine and check its root permission

Final words

This is the recommended rooting method for Samsung smart devices for Odin is behind all these. Though it is similar to flashing, you will be able to switch your device status into rooted when the CF auto root is there. If the official page of the CF auto root has the certainly applicable package for your device model, it means only a few more to go. Download it and ask Odin to support you further. 

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