Download CF-Auto-Root & Make Your Rooting Dream Successful

Smartphones are very interesting and assist us to make our daily tasks easier. According to the users’ preferences, smartphone and their operating systems vary. Currently, several mobile operating systems are being used in the world and Android is the most popular mobile operating system by now. Most of the smartphone manufacturers use Android as their operating system and customized it before shipping with the device. As a result of this, users are unable to change the system as they want although the Android is an open-source platform. That is why users need rooting tools such as CF-Auto-Root.

Why CF-Auto-Root Download

As mentioned above, almost all of the smartphones are locked by manufacturers to prevent alterations on the device operating system. The key purpose of these software restrictions is to keep the device and customers safe from third-parties. Although the purpose is positive, it affects users preferences badly. Because users cannot grab the full potential of the device and satisfy as they want due to software restrictions. Installing third-party apps/games, installing custom firmware, and uninstalling system apps are completely prohibited on stock smartphones.

The only way to remove these restrictions is to root the smartphone. As you know, there are a number of smartphones and there is no single root tool to use for all these smartphones. Rooting tool varies according to the device. But CF-Auto-Root is different in this case since it allows users to root a number of smartphones using the same tool. Despite the compatibility, CF-Auto-Root is the one and only root application which can be flashed using Odin. Because Chainfire, who is the developer of CF-Auto-Root offers the tool in two versions for both Odin flashable devices and fastboot flashable devices. In addition to these facts, CF-Auto-Root is a simple rooting programme which can be used on Windows, Macos and Linux

CF-Auto-Root For Odin Flashable Devices

As you know, Odin is the official flashing programme for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Odin flashable devices refer to Samsung Galaxy smartphones and you can root your Galaxy device by flashing the CF-Auto-Root package via Samsung Odin. CF-Auto-Root For Odin Flashable Devices comes in .tar.md5 files and it flashes a modified recovery and cache partition in order to install SuperSU and finally cache partition is removed while re-flashing the stock recovery. CF-Auto-Root only works in recovery mode and device needs to be booted into recovery mode after flashing the files. Normally, it happened soon after the files are flashed and need to be done manually if not. CF-Auto-Root requires a bootloader unlocked device and your device may brick if you flash the application without unlocking the bootloader.

CF-Auto-Root For Fastboot Flashable Devices

Non- Samsung Galaxy Smartphone users can use CF-Auto-Root For Fastboot Flashable Devices and root their devices. This version of CF-Auto-Root comes in .img files and you can boot them through fastboot commands. You need to enable the fastboot mode on your device and run the included script for your OS in order to use the tool. As same as the other version, you need an unlocked bootloader to use this version. But you do not need to unlock the bootloader yourself since included scripts do it for you. But be careful since it wipes all your data. If your device has a specific OEM unlock tool you need to use it instead of the provided solution

How To Root Odin Flashable Devices Using CF-Auto-Root

  • Download and Install relevant USB drivers for your device on your Windows computer
  • Reboot your computer
  • Check your device model number, Build number and Android version
  • Visit official CF-Auto-Root website and download the correct Root package that matches to device model number, Build number and Android version
  • Extract the root package and there you will be able to find Odin executable file
  • Right-click on the Odin.exe and run the programme as the “Administrator”
  • Now, switch off your smartphone
  • Press and hold the volume down+Home+Power buttons together
  • Then, your device will reboot while displaying a Warning screen
  • Press the volume up button to enter Download Mode
  • Now, connect your device to the computer using a compatible USB cable
  • ID: COM area will indicate when Odin recognizes the device
  • Click on “AP/PDA” button on the Odin interface and place the CF-Auto-Root application and wait until the Odin loads the data
  • When you see the “Leave CS” message in the “Log Box” click on the “Start” button
  • Then, your device will reboot into a modified recovery displaying a large red Android logo and
  • it will be rooted
  • Finally, your device will reboot into Android back

How To Root Fastboot Flashable Devices Using CF-Auto-Root

  • Boot Your device into “Bootloader Mode” by pressing and holding the volume down and power button at once after switching off the device
  • Connect your device to the computer when arrived Bootloader Menu
  • Go to the extracted root package and double-click the correct script according to your computer operating system
  • Next, you will get a command prompt window and press any key to continue
  • The CF-Auto-Root will do the rest of the process and the device will reboot finally
  • Now, it’s safe to unplug your device

Wrap Up

If you are a Mac or Linux user who is willing to use CF-Auto-Root For Fastboot Flashable Devices you need to have chmod +x root-linux/ before root your device.