Download Framaroot – Root Almost All Of Qualcomm Devices

Hello, Android lovers! Here is another mind blowing rooting tool which has a longer compatible list when compared to other one-click rooting tools. Most of the one-click rooting tools have been designed based on the device brand. But Framaroot has been designed based on the device chipset. That is why it has a wide compatible list. Let’s dive into the story and find out what Framaroot root can do.


Framaroot APK

Framaroot was designed and distributed free by alephzain who is a senior member of XDA members. If you are keen on Android development XDA cannot be an unknown place for you. It is the place where most of the talented and outstanding Android developers present and share their works. Framaroot APK is one of the outstanding work that came from XDA developers. The application installs Superuser APK and Su binary in your device when rooted it and Superuser APK and Su binary are compatible with up to Android 2 to Android 4. It is true that the compatible Android version is too old to use. But Framaroot APK would be useful those who are still using the devices on these versions.

Mechanism Of Framaroot APK

Framaroot APK comes as a one-click rooting tool and compatibility based on device chipset. If you are running on one of Qualcomm, MTK, K3V2, AMLogic, Exynos or Omap36XX you can give it a try. Framaroot APK uses a specific exploit for each chipset.

  • Qualcomm – Gandalf exploit
  • MTK – Boromir, Faramir and Barahir exploits
  • K3V2 – Pippin exploit
  • AMLogic – Gollum exploit
  • Exynos – Sam, Frodo, Legolas and Aragorn exploits
  • Omap36XX – Gimli exploit
framaroot download

How To Download Framaroot APK

  • 1 Step – As rooting may cause bricking your device, make sure to back up your device before implementing the rooting process
  • 2 Step – Download Framaroot APK on your device
  • 3 Step – Make sure to “Enable Unknown Sources” on your device following Settings > Security > Check Unknown Sources to avoid Android from denying app installation
  • 4 Step – Now, install the application on your device and open it
  • 5 Step – Then, Framaroot APK will show you the exploit that is going to be used to root your device
  • 6 Step – Tap on the exploit and you will see some instructions as “Install SuperSU, Unroot or Execute script”
framaroot apk
  • 7 Step – Now, tap on “Install SuperSU” and give your permission for all when required during the rooting process. Do not hesitate to permit since it is harmless for your device
  • 8 Step – Finally, it will ask your permission to “Reboot” your device .Give your permission
  • 9 Step – Your device may longer time to reboot when compared to the usual reboot. It is because Framaroot is installing Superuser and Su binary on your device
  • 10 Step – After rebooting your device, you will be able to see SuperSU application on your device which allows you to manage root access on your rooted device

Note: If your device displays “Your device seems not vulnerable to exploit included in Framaroot” message after launching the application uninstall the application. The message informs you that Framaroot is not compatible with your device. In this case, you can do Odin download if you are Samsung Galaxy or you can try Kingroot, RootKHP, iRoot or Towelroot which have earned a higher reputation as one-click rooting tools.

Possible Actions On Framaroot APK

You may see some of the actions after selecting the exploit on Framaroot when launched. Each action gives you a piece of different information and it helps you to understand if the rooting is successful or unsuccessful.

  • Success – Informs you that rooting is successful and device needs to be rebooted
  • Failed – You may get this message when the device is not rooted even if exploit compatible with the device and also you may get this message when you should try another exploit
  • Half-Success – Reboot your device and use adb

For Advanced Users

If you are an Advanced Android user after rooting your device you can use Execute script option on Framaroot to execute a custom shell script.


When compared to other one-click rooting tool Framaroot is bi older but works fine of most previous Android versions. If you are using the latest Android firmware Framasroot would not be the ideal option since it is hard to root most of latest firmware using older rooting tools.