How To Root Android Nougat With Magisk

how to root Android

Android Nougat is the seventh major version of the Android mobile operating system. It was officially launched on 22nd August 2016 with Nexus devices with software update support and the LG V20 was the first smartphone shipped with Android Nougat. When compared to previous Android versions, Nougat was empowered by a number of amazing features and strong security features. When it comes to security features, it seems that Android Nougat has been designed to face future Android vulnerabilities successfully. That is why there was not a successful rooting solution for long to root Android Nougat at the beginning. Actually, developers took a long time to designed a successful rooting solution for Android Nougat than usual.

Android Nougat Security Features

  • The media stack has been hardened to face the Stagefright bugs
  • Runtime integer overflow detection
  • Revamped Android’s monolithic MediaServer process
  • Unprivileged sandbox for each separated media server process
  • Various procedures to prevent injecting malicious code or executed into the Linux kernel
  • stronger stack protection in GCC compile to decrease the stack smashing
  • Performance Counters for Linux(perf) has been disabled by default to reduce the kernel exposure to potentially malicious code
  • The “Verified Boot” policy must be enforced on devices shipping with Android Nougat and it prevents booting or run operation in a limited-use mode if the device has corrupted system files or unauthorized modifications.

As you see, Android Nougat has several strong security features that prevent you from using any boot mod tools on the device. As a result of there features, you can only find a limited number of rooting tools that compatible with Android Nougat. When it comes to one click Android root tools, RootKHP is the most successful one-click rooting tool for Android Nougat. On the other hand, when it comes to flashing method, Magisk has a higher reputation on Android Nougat as a rooting solution

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Download Magisk

Magisk is one of most popular Android rooting solution whic is compatible up to Android Pie. The whole credit for designing Magisk goes to topjohnwu ho has a higher reputation as a Recognized Developer / Recognized Contributor in XDA developers and the team. Magisk works as a systemless interface altering the Android system partion and storing the alterations in the boot partition. It means you have root acess although your Android system always remains intact. The principle in Magisk helps users use apps which are not allowed to run on rooted Android devices. perhaps you may have already seen the pop up saying “Your device rooted, you cannot run this app” when you try to run a financial app on a rooted device. In such cases, Magisk is the best options have root acess while using the apps which require pure Android system.

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You can root Android 4.2+ to Android Pie using Magisk. Basically, you need to flash the Magisk Zip file in a custom recovery to gain root access on your device. But this regular mechanism doe not fit for every Magisk compatible Android version. In such cases, you need to follow the boot image patching method or direct installation method. Most of the times, theses methods are used for higher Android versions and devices that do not support custom recovery. In general, you can use the custom recovery method to root your device with Magisk


How To Root Android Nougat With Magisk

  • Get a complete back up of your device
  • Download and Install the latest Android USB drivers on your computer
  • Download relavant TWRP custom recovery image for your Android Nougat device on your computer
  • Enable USB debugging mode
  • Unlock the device bootloader
  • Download and Install ADB and fastboot drivers
  • Go to the TWRP recovery image file and Press Shift + Right-click to Open command window
  • Select “Open command window here” option in the drop-down menu
  • Then it will open a command window
  • Connect your Nougat device to the computer and boot it in to fastboot mode typing adb reboot bootloader in command Window
  • If you see “Allow USB debugging” pop up on your Android device, tap on it to continue
  • Type fastboot flash recovery command with the complete name of your recovery image file
  • Type fastboot reboot command line in the command window to reboot your

Magisk Root

  • Now, disconnect your device and download the Magisk Zip file in it
  • Boot your device into recovery mode and tap on install
  • Find the Magisk Zip file and select it
  • Swipe the slider in recovery mode to flash the Zip file and tap on reboot system when flashing done
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Note: You need to backup your stock recovery before flashing a custom recovery since you cannot receive OTA updates without stock recovery.

Bottom Line

Now, you have rooted your device with Magisk and you must see the Magisk manager on your device homescreen. It contains all the Magisk features you can use to manage and customize your device. If you cannot find it on your homescreen, download it manually