How To Root Android Ice Cream Sandwich – Try OneClickRoot

how to root

Android Ice cream sandwich is the ninth version of the Android mobile operating system. Google released it in 2011 for manufacturing purposes and it was succeeded by Android Jellybean Android Ice cream is an important turning point in Android history as ti was the first Android version for both Smartphone and tablets. The Gingerbread (Only smartphones)and the Honeycomb(Only Tablets) were the preceded versions to the Icecream Sandwich. Currently, it is hard to find someone who is using an Android Icecream Sandwich device. However, according to Google statistics, 0.3% of all Android users still using Ice Cream Sandwich.

How To Root Android Ice Cream Sandwich

As this an older version of the Android operating system, it is not hard to find out a rooting application for your ICS device. There are a number of competitive one-click rooting tools which helps users to gain root acess. OneclickRoot application is one of competitive rooting application which is highly compatible with Android 2.2.X, 2.3.X, and 4.0.X. OneclickRoot application is a paid application and available in both APK and PC version. If you have been thinking of how to root your ICS device, you can give it a try

Why OneClickRoot

  • Highly compatible with Android 2.2.X, 2.3.X, and 4.0.X
  • Available in PC and Android versions
  • No device bricking
  • Customer support
  • Faster and Secure
  • Remote Root Service for Higher Android versions
  • Provide a free scan to check the device compatibility with the application

How To Use OneClickRoot PC Version

  • 1 Step – Charge and Backup your smartphone
  • 2 Step – Install USB drivers on your computer for your device and restart your PC
  • 3 Step – Download and install One Click Root on your Windows or Mac computer
  • 4 Step – Connect your Android device to the computer
  • 5 Step – Enable USB Debugging mode on your Android smartphone
  • 6 Step – Finally, run the OneClickRoot application and click “Root Now” button to root your device
how to root

If you are really suspicious about the compatibility of the app, you can run “Manual Check” available in the application to verify if the device can be rooted using the OneClickRoot application. Also, you can have live chat with Root expert when you come across a complication when you try to root your device.

How To Use OneClickRoot APK Version

OneClickRoot APK is a simple application and you can install it on your Android device very easily.

  • 1 Step – Charge and Back up your device
  • 2 Step – Got to Settings >Security > Enable Unknown Sources
  • 3 Step – Download and Install OneClickRoot APK on your Android device
  • 4 Step – After installing run the “Scan Now” to check the root ability of your device
  • 5 Step – If compatible, tap on “Root Device” to have root acess on your device
how to root

Note: OneClickRoot does not require you to unlocked the bootloader of your device. But root an Android with locked bootloader decrease the success rate of the rooting tool. So, try to root your device after unlocking the bootloader of your Android whatever the rooting tool you are going to use. Some rooting tools unlock the bootloader of your device if you have not unlocked it. This unlocking mechanism wipes your device data automatically and you cannot avoid it. So, it is better to unlock your bootloader before root your device

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does OneClickRoot will brick my Android device

This is one of the common questions that arise when going to use a rooting application. Actually, it is reasonable. Because most of apps brick Android devices as the apps runs on the device withou checking the device compatibility. You do not get such a bad condition with the ClickRoot rooting application since it does not run on your device if it is not compatible. Technically, the app doesn’t harm your device. But your device may be damaged if you lose battery power or disconnect your device from the PC when the rooting is done. Therefore, be careful about such unexpected conditions.

  • Does the OneClickRoot App compatible with all the Android smartphones within 2.2.X, 2.3.X, and 4.0.X

No. It is not compatible with all Android smartphones. OneClickRoot App is not compatible with HTC smartphones and tablets that are running on Android 3.0. Also if you are using Android 4.0.3 or a higher version, you cannot use the application

  • “Unable To Find Android Device” When connected to the PC

Generally, you have to face this problem due to improper USB drivers installation or inaccessible USB debugging mode. Give it a try after fixing these issues.

Final Word

Android rooting is a really useful task for Android users who want to have the advanced uses form their devices. But it is not recommended or accepted by device manufacturers and consider it as one of the prominent reasons to cancels your device warranty.