How to Root LG G4 H815 with SuperSU v2.46

Root LG G4 H815 – now you can root LG G4 with SuperSU by Chainefire. If you have LG G4 with Android 5.1 Lollipop version, Android SuperSU v2.46 supports rooting your LG G4. Chainefire’s release of SuperSU for LG G4 H815 is only for international European model as LG allows to unlock the bootloader is only for a limited pre-determined models. If you have another brand then you have to wait until LG announces the release of boot loader for them.

How To Root LG G4 With SuperSU

Rooting LG G4 allows install custom recovery and system partition changes. Only root access facilitated Xposed and its modules and Titanium back up apps can be used after LG G4 H815 SuperSU root. LG G4 rooting with SuperSU also uninstalls the bloatware for an optimum performance of LG G4 H815.


How TO root LG G4 H815 – SuperSU User Care

  • This rooting is only for LG G4 H815 phone model only. Applying this method to another model will damage the device.
  • Make sure that you have a data back up with you before SuperSU root begins
  • Rooting LG G4 H815 using SuperSU will void the manufacture’s warranty
  • Charge your LG mobile at least 80% to avoid sudden power failures

How to Unlock Bootloaders of LG G4 H815 Full Tutorial

The PC needs to identify the drivers of LG G4 H815 and to enable fastboot mode. Therefore download and install ADB drivers for mobile and enable OEM unlock.

  • Create a new account in LG developer site.
  • Confirm your account.
  • Go to LG developer page again and get your LG G4 H815 bootloader unlock.
  • Select model number as “LG G4 H815” and enter IMEI number and device ID.
  • You can see two lines of numbers and copy them into one line and enter on the required fields.
  • “unlock.bin” file will reach you in a sort period form LG.
  • Open CMD on the folder, unlock.bin is available and enter “fastboot flash unlock unlock.bin”.

Now you have unlock the bootloader and now you are privileged to install custom ROM files to your new LG G4 H815 and root LG G4 with SuperSU.

Complete Tutorial on How to Root LG G4 H815 Using SuperSU

  • Unlock bootloader of LG G4 to install custom recovery for LG G4 H815.
  • Install ADB tools and drivers for LG G4 H815
  • Install TWRP recover tool
  • Download android SuperSU v2.46 for your LG mobile
  • Then establish the connection between the PC and mobile using USB cable
  • Reboot mobile and go to Recovery mode.
  • Open a command windows in the folder, TWRP recovery file saved. Hold Shift key and right click on an empty space. Select “Open command window here” from the drop down menu appears.
  • Execute “ADB reboot recovery” command in the command window and press enter.
  • Click “Install” and give the location you saved SuperSU file.
  • Then Select the file and swipe on “Swipe to Confirm Flash” option.
  • If the rooting is successful then you will be able to see text in Blue text.
  • Go to Reboot > System and reboot the LG G4 H815 mobile.


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