How To Easily Root Sony Xperia Z4

Sony Xperia Z4 is the latest smartphone released by Sony cooperation in last June. Sony Z4 is powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset and Adreno 430 GPU. It is a water and dust proof smartphone. It can undergo depth of 1m during 30 minutes in the water. With impressive technical specification, Z4 is most significantly comprises of 20.7MP camera, shoots photos of 5248 x 3936 resolution while the video recording is 1080p at 60f.  It comes with a wide range of enhanced features and more apps. Although it has such improved features, its pixel density is just 424 ppi, a poor display setting compared with other rivals.


But you can utilize the all the apps within a limited area.  Only the apps officially installed can be used until you start Xperia Z4 root.  It is much easier and faster, to root Sony Xperia Z4 with a single click root . Customization of your device is enabled with rooting for accessing unlimited android features and app updating for free.  XDA developers have designed a fast root tool for all Xperia  users. You can get direct download Sony Xperia Z4 one click root tool link from our site and root your device for unlimited relaxing.

What You Get from Sony Xperia Z4 Root

  • Root Xperia Z4 allows access more apps in the apps in the Play store.  You install millions of apps restricted by default through Z4 rooting.
  • CyanogenMod and other custom recoveries can be installed on your android device.  Rooting supports latest OS update installation frequently.
  • You can access blocked android features like NFC mobile payments, Photosphere, slow motion video and so on.  Further updating such features as soon as they are released is so easy if you root Sony Xperia Z4 with one click.
  • Battery life can be extended up to 4 more hours with battery save apps installed.
  • Rooting  speeds up the performances by enhanced performances of CPU and RAM through removing unnecessary bloatware.
  • To avoid expensive Wi-Fi tethering is enabled with one click root.

Attention before One Click Root for Sony Xperia Z4

  • You will create a data backup of the internal memory of the device.
  • Since you need a PC get the USB cable of android device.
  • Go to “Settings” > “Applications” > “Development” > “USB debugging” and enable USB Debugging.
  • Need the battery life with at least 60%.
  • In case if blocking root software by your antivirus temporary disable it.

How to Root Sony Xperia Z4 Easily

  • Download one click root software.
  • Extract the file and run root.bat file.
  • Establish the connection between mobile device and the PC.
  • Click “Root “button to start rooting.
  • Your device may reboot several times while rooting the device and finally logs on the launch screen.

Video Tutorial for Sony Xperia Z4 Fast Root

After the root, you will need to install a custom recovery on the device.  It is needed to flash the new custom ROMs and backup recovery images for your device. You can download CWM recovery, the most popular custom recovery for android and Titanium backup, the most touching root only backup app on your  Xperia device. You can uninstall unnecessary apps and bloatware apps with a single click and block the apps you don’t need to have after rooting your device. Follow the video on how to easily root Sony Xperia Z4 with the single click for more information.

Credits for Easy Xperia Z4 Root

Credits for download single click root software and rooting tutorial on how to easily root Sony Xperia Z4 goes to XDA developers.