How to root galaxy J5 SM-J500F [variants]

Samsung Galaxy J5 is a top performing android smart phone with latest features. Android  J5 comes with 5 inches super AMOLED display. The device is powered by 1.2 GHz quad-core processor and possess 1.5 GB RAM. Samsung Galaxy J5 is running on Android 5.1 Lollipop OS. But although you have all those facilities you are limited to a certain boundary for not exceeding the customization of the device. By default, you can only change the settings that you are allowed to access and you can’t have the best experience in customization of android device.


Root galaxy J5 supports installing custom recovery files and CWMs. By rooting your J5 smart phone, you can speed up the system performances. Further android Galaxy J5 rooting supports unroot the root J5 mobile without bringing bricked and any damages. You can have the full access for the best optimization opportunity with Samsung Galaxy J5 root. Follow our complete tutorial for a safer android rooting guide.

Prerequisite on Samsung Galaxy J5 Root

  • Create a data backup of the device.
  • Download Samsung Galaxy J5 USB driver and install the derivers on the device.
  • Go to “Settings” > “Developer Options” and then enable USB Debugging mode and OEM unlocking.
  • Keep a sufficient battery life (60% – 50%)
  • Deactivate your antivirus guard temporary.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy J5 with CF Auto Root

  1. Download CF Auto Root for your Galaxy J5 device based on the build number. Go to “Settings” > “About Phone” and get the build number.
  2. Extract the downloaded CF Auto root file.
  3. Power off the mobile and press and hold “Volume Down”, “Home” and “Power Button” together and boot in to download Mode.
  4. Connect the device to PC with a USB cable.
  5. Run CF Auto Root file and click Odin3. exe file and run the application.
  6. You will see “Added” message in Odin if you have installed USB drivers for the device.
  7. ID: COM bar will fill in blue color.
  8. Click “PDA” and select .tar.md5 file form the extracted folder.
  9. Click “Start” and start jailbreak Galaxy J5.
  10. Your J5 device will automatically reboot after a successive flashing and you can see a PASS message in green in Odin.

Video tutorial – Root Galaxy J5  (Cf root method)

Samsung  J5 comes with the factory customization settings. To have the best experience in your J5 device all you need to do is to root galaxy J5 with any android rooting software. You can use CF Auto Root, SuperOneClick or Towel Root app. Follow our guidelines for a simple but complete tutorial on Galaxy J5.

Credits for Android Galaxy J5 Root

Credits for Samsung Galaxy J5 root tutorial goes to Free Android Root developers.

How To Easily Root Sony Xperia Z4

Sony Xperia Z4 is the latest smartphone released by Sony cooperation in last June. Sony Z4 is powered by the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chipset and Adreno 430 GPU. It is a water and dust proof smartphone. It can undergo depth of 1m during 30 minutes in the water. With impressive technical specification, Z4 is most significantly comprises of 20.7MP camera, shoots photos of 5248 x 3936 resolution while the video recording is 1080p at 60f.  It comes with a wide range of enhanced features and more apps. Although it has such improved features, its pixel density is just 424 ppi, a poor display setting compared with other rivals.


But you can utilize the all the apps within a limited area.  Only the apps officially installed can be used until you start Xperia Z4 root.  It is much easier and faster, to root Sony Xperia Z4 with a single click root . Customization of your device is enabled with rooting for accessing unlimited android features and app updating for free.  XDA developers have designed a fast root tool for all Xperia  users. You can get direct download Sony Xperia Z4 one click root tool link from our site and root your device for unlimited relaxing.

What You Get from Sony Xperia Z4 Root

  • Root Xperia Z4 allows access more apps in the apps in the Play store.  You install millions of apps restricted by default through Z4 rooting.
  • CyanogenMod and other custom recoveries can be installed on your android device.  Rooting supports latest OS update installation frequently.
  • You can access blocked android features like NFC mobile payments, Photosphere, slow motion video and so on.  Further updating such features as soon as they are released is so easy if you root Sony Xperia Z4 with one click.
  • Battery life can be extended up to 4 more hours with battery save apps installed.
  • Rooting  speeds up the performances by enhanced performances of CPU and RAM through removing unnecessary bloatware.
  • To avoid expensive Wi-Fi tethering is enabled with one click root.

Attention before One Click Root for Sony Xperia Z4

  • You will create a data backup of the internal memory of the device.
  • Since you need a PC get the USB cable of android device.
  • Go to “Settings” > “Applications” > “Development” > “USB debugging” and enable USB Debugging.
  • Need the battery life with at least 60%.
  • In case if blocking root software by your antivirus temporary disable it.

How to Root Sony Xperia Z4 Easily

  • Download one click root software.
  • Extract the file and run root.bat file.
  • Establish the connection between mobile device and the PC.
  • Click “Root “button to start rooting.
  • Your device may reboot several times while rooting the device and finally logs on the launch screen.

Video Tutorial for Sony Xperia Z4 Fast Root

After the root, you will need to install a custom recovery on the device.  It is needed to flash the new custom ROMs and backup recovery images for your device. You can download CWM recovery, the most popular custom recovery for android and Titanium backup, the most touching root only backup app on your  Xperia device. You can uninstall unnecessary apps and bloatware apps with a single click and block the apps you don’t need to have after rooting your device. Follow the video on how to easily root Sony Xperia Z4 with the single click for more information.

Credits for Easy Xperia Z4 Root

Credits for download single click root software and rooting tutorial on how to easily root Sony Xperia Z4 goes to XDA developers.


How to root Samsung galaxy tab s 10.5

Samsung Galaxy tab S 10.5 is the latest modification for its galaxy Tab S8 .4. Galaxy Tab S 10.5 has the basic designs and the features like in Galaxy Tab S8.4. But the physical size and some operating features are modified for user-friendly operation. The tab is thin in size and light in weight. With impressive 2560 x 1600 screen resolution with super AMOLED screen, the new version gives a great feeling of touch. Samsung S10.5 tab comes with the fastest Wi-Fi version, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth version being Bluetooth 4. Samsung galaxy s 10.5 Wi-Fi tab has an internal memory of 16GB white micro SD card can undergo up to 128 GB expandable memory.


Although you had many benefits on the tab you will really worry with the software performances of the device. Samsung galaxy tab s 10.5 by default comes with officially installed apps and features on your tab. You will find only the features, enabled by the company. But a billions and billions of android apps are out of your view until you root Samsung galaxy tab s 10.5. Faster and optimum system performers can be achieved only by rooting the tab. It is so easy to root your Samsung Tab even without having any experience on how to root mobile devices. Only after root Samsung galaxy tab S 10.5 you will be able to change factory settings and you will have administrative rights on your android tab. Follow our clear step by step guide on how to root Samsung galaxy tab s 10.5 for a sound image on Samsung galaxy tab s 10.5 rooting.

What You Are Capable Of Doing after Root Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

  • Speeds up tab performances and smooth running
  • Update the device’s OS to its latest versions
  • Uninstall pre-factory installed apps
  • Increase the memory space
  • Unlimited tab customization with custom ROM flashing

Before Samsung Galaxy S 10.5 root

  • This method on android S10.5 rooting is only compatible with this model only
  • Root Galaxy tab S 10.5 works only for Windows OS
  • Install the latest compatible drivers for the tab
  • Rooting your tab will void the warranty of the device your bear the whole responsibility on it and any brick of the tab
  • Download a compatible Odin for rooting Samsung galaxy tab s 10.5
  • Download CF-Auto-Root for PC
  • Download CWM recovery files

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

  • Install Odin.exe file from an file you downloaded.
  • You click “PDA” button and brews the location of CF Auto Root.
  • Uncheck repartition if you have already down in Odin.
  • Check “Auto Reboot” and “F.Reset Time”.
  • Turn off the tab.
  • Switch on Samsung tab and press and hold Home, Volume Down, and power button together.
  • To enable download mode press “volume up”.
  • Connect the tab device to PC.
  • Odin detects Samsung galaxy tab 5 automatically.
  • Tap “Start” button on Odin.
  • Rooting begins now and it will take a few minute to complete the rooting.

Video tutorial on Samsung galaxy s 10.5 tab rooting

Custom ROM flashing is the greatest way of rooting your tab with CF Auto root. It is the only path way you can enjoy the world beyond S10.5. Download CF Auto root for galaxy tab rooting faster and easily. Follow the video guide for better a better idea on how to root Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5

How to Flash Custom Recoveries for Galaxy S10.5 Tab

Copy CWM recovery file from PC to root folder of SD card. Then you need to disconnect the Samsung Galaxy tab from PC and go to Google Play and install Terminal Emulator. Run emulator on the tab and type


dd if=/sdcard/filename.img of=/dev/block/platform/dw_mmc.0/by-name/RECOVERY”

Custom ROM flash starts now and your tab reboots several times. Finally, you are done with rooting the galaxy tab and you will now have the unlimited privileges in customizing and app management of your tab.

Credits for rooting Galaxy S10.5

Credits for a tutorial on how to root Samsung Galaxy tab S10.5 and for download links goes to Chainfire and cf auto root.

Google Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P with Android M [ Android Marshmallow ] – Hands on review

The awaited Google’s Nexus 5X and the Nexus 6P smartphones are here as products of LG and HUAWEI in orderly. So with the spring of Nexus 6P, Google also introduced their brand new Android version 6.0, Android Marshmallow operating system for consumers just for there at most Android experience. Therefore, as usually you can get the latest and  up-to-date pure Android experience with Google nexus series.

google nexus 6

Nexus 5X and NEXUS 6P comparison

The Nexus 5X is here with its 5.2 inches screen with an LCD screen of 423 ppi, Corning Gorilla Glass 3 while Google Nexus 6P has a larger screen of 5.7 inches WQHD AMOLED display at 518 ppi. And this too included Corning Glass 4 with the fingerprint reader and smudge-resistant oleophobic coating. Also, the 5S will be here with its colors of carbon black, quartz white and ice blue while 6S will arrive with colors of frost white, aluminum, and graphite. 

The Nexus 6P has 8 megapixel for the front-facing camera and 12.3 for the rear-facing camera for smooth camera usage. And its RAM is in the size of 3GB with 2.0Ghz Octa-Core Qualcomm processor. Even these are similar 5X is always the next to 6P because of its lesser added components. So even it too has 12.3 rear facing camera the front facing camera is only in 5 megapixels. The processor too is 1.8GHz Heza-Core 64-bit  Qualcomm.


Anyhow, the thing we got to know about devices is although those having several differences Nexus 5X and 6P  both are featured same.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow


Android 6.0 – Android marshmallow, AKA Android M is the latest Android operating system which is first introduced with the Nexus 6P. With its newest appearance, you are able to gain more features than any other before. The biggest issue you faced while using Androids the battery draining will take care by Marshmallow for your ease. With your command of a single tap will carry out whatever you want on your device. And all information and apps will be there to feed you to compile all your necessity. Also with the latest security features the device will protect from outward troubles. By the way, the features you will receive all new improvements are as follow.

Features of Marshmallow – android 6.0

  • Contextual Assistant.
  • Battery.
  • Privacy and Security.
  • Android Runtime. (ART)
  • Productivity.
  • Expandable Storage.
  • Device setup and Migration.
  • Media.
  • Internationalization.
  • Android for work.

From here you are able to use one of these devices to see what’s new on Google’s latest Nexus and Android 6.0. Surely you would be like the new appearance and new features packed with Android M, Wait and read our blog for how to root google nexus 5 guide. Stay tuned with Google, which is always there for your betterment.


Root Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A700FD

Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A700FD is a superb mobile with high quality design. Android Samsung Galaxy A7 has 5.5 inch display of AMOLED display with 16M colors protected by a Corning Gorilla Glass 4. It runs on Android 4.4.4 Kitkat version with inbuilt themes of basic, craft, and classic, sweet, natural and etc.  Because of its unique dimensional design, Galaxy A7  appears smart and its performances as well.

Although Samsung A7 SM-A700FD is much faster in Gaming mode, root Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A700FD provides additional features along with faster and faster performances furtherer. You can easily root Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A700FD and install custom Apps, ROM files and settings. In addition to that Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A700FD rooting allows enhanced battery life and high customization of the mobile.


User Attention on Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A700FD Root


The guide on Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A700FD root is strictly limited to the particular model number. So be careful with your model number. We are not responsible for any of the brick or damage the mobile.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A700FD

  • Install USB drivers on PC.
  • Go to “System Settings” > Tap “Developer options” > Tap “USB Debugging”.
  • Switch the mobile off and press and hold Home Key, Volume Down key and power button for 10 seconds.
  • You will see a warning message on the phone and then press “Volume Up” key and enable “Download Mode”.
  • Extract the Odin.exe file and install the file.
  • Connect your mobile device to PC to start Samsung Galaxy A7  root .
  • Odin will detect the Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A700FD automatically.
  • You will prompt to a message and click “PDA” button and select CF Auto Root file browsing the location.
  • Click “Start” button on Odin Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A700FD root tool.
  • Root Samsung Galaxy A7 begins now and it will take a few minute to complete the rooting.
  • If your Android Galaxy A7 SM-A700FD root is successful then you will see a green circle on the screen.
  • During the rooting your android mobile will reboot several times and at the end of the process SuperSU app can be seen.

Video Tutorial on Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A700FD Rooting

Rooting your Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A700FD will give you the best experience with android use. After completing root Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A700FD you can upgrade Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A700FD to Lollipop version. Follow our tutorial on rooting Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A700FD for a successful rooting.

Troubleshoot for Root Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A700FD

  • If your device is not running on rooting, then you need to check whether the model number is correct.
  • Download the latest USB drivers for the device to avoid crashing root Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A700FD on the way.

Credits for Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A700FD Root

Download CF Auto Root and Odin software and tutorial on how to root Samsung Galaxy A7 SM-A700FD goes to Chainfire team.


Samsung Odin Stock ROM Flashing Tutorial

Samsung Odin android ROM flashing tool designed and leaked from Samsung Group. Odin allows installing / Flashing stock ROM files or Custom ROMs for your Samsung android device. Odin root ,Installing custom recoveries, installing stock OTA and firmware files for Samsung mobiles / customizing are the features supported by Odin download. Odin Tool is based on windows. Samsung Odin 3.10.6 is the latest version. You can flash your Samsung device like Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and other Samsung latest devices. follow our tutorial for faster, correct and easy android Odin ROM flashing guide for Samsung Odin v3.10.6.


Before Samsung Odin ROM Flashing You Will

  • Keep a data backup
  • Charge your battery at least up to 50%
  • Flashing stock ROM doesn’t void device warranty

How to Flash Samsung Stock ROM Using Odin Downlod

Step  1 :  You will download Samsung USB drivers and latest Odin on your PC and install them.

1.2 : –> Get the latest Odin available from our Android root tool download page [Download odin 3.10.6 latest recommended]

Step 2 : Download a compatible Stock ROM for your Samsung device and extract it on PC and you will be able to see

Odin-android -tutorial

Step 3 : Go to Settings > Developer Options > USB Debugging > Tick to enable USB Debugging. If  your Android OS is 4.2.2 or above then first go to Settings > About Phone > tap on Built Number for 5 – 8 times. Then only you can see developer option.


Step 4 : Turn off your Samsung mobile device.

samsung-odin-tutorial-for android

Step 5 : Press and hold “Volume Down” , “Home” and “Power” keys. When the device starts vibrating release “Power” key and hold “Volume Down” and “Home” keys. Then you will boot into Download mode.


Step 5 : You will see yellow warning sign and you have to press and hold “Volume Down” key.


Step 6 : Download Samsung Odin v3.10.6 and extract it on PC. Then you will see


Step 7 : Open Odin3 and connect Samsung device to PC.

Step 8 : Samsung Odin automatically detect the device you connected and show “Added” message.

samsung-odin-tutorial-for android

Step 9 : Click on “PDA” button and select tar.md5 file you extracted in step 2.


Step 10 : Click “Start” button in Odin to proceed Odin stock ROM flashing.


Step 11 : Disconnect your device when you see “Green Pass message”.  The device may reboot automatically during this process.


Step 12 : Now your device will stuck at boot and you need to boot into Stock Recovery mode. Press and hold “Volume Up “, “Home” and “Power” keys  and when the vibrating starts release “Power” button and continue holding “Volume Up” and “Home” keys and you will get to recovery mode.


Step 13 : Reset to factory settings or Wipe the data in Recovery mode.

Step 14 : Select “Restart Phone Now” from recovery mode.


Step 15 : if the flashing is successful your Samsung device will now restart.

Now You have successfully flashed Samsung device if you followed this Samsung Odin Stock ROM Flashing / Odin Download Tutorial.


Huawei P8 Lite mobile is a smart and stylish android smart phone released by Huawei. Powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 1.5GHz Octa-Core, It  supports GSM 850/900/1800/1900; UMTS B1/2/4/5; LTE L2/4/5/12/17; LTE CAT4 bandwidths and runs on Android 4.4.4 KiKat version. Although it runs on the latest android OS,  Huawei P8 has the user interface similar to iOS. P8 Lite hides “App drawer” when it is launched and icons similar to iOS icons can be seen on the Home screen. Huawei P8 can root with Super Root.

As an android user you will find it needs to flash Huawei P8 Lite for a better performances and customized usage. Super Root, The p8 Lite root tool allows flash the official ROM files and customize the themes and appearance. Download Super Root and Follow our step by step tutorial for a successful rooting experience.

Root Huawei P8 Lite


System Requirements and Downlods

 How to Root Huawei P8 Lite

  • Download Super-Root.apk android root file for your device or download to PC.
  • Establish the connection between PC and Huawei smart phone.
  • Copy Super-Root.apk file to root device’s SD card.
  • After being copied, disconnect PC and Huawei P8 Lite.
  • Go to “Menu” > “Settings” > “Security” and then enable “Unknown Sources” option.
  • Go to File Manager and install the Super-Root.apk.
  • Run Super-Root software.
  • Select “Install SuperSU” from the drop-down menu appears.
  • Select exploit and then tap on Exploit in the app.
  • SuperSU begins rooting your android device
  • A few minutes may take to complete rooting.
  • Reboot your device and you will See SuperSU app in App Drawer if the rooting is successful.

Video Tutorial for Super Root Rooting

Huawei P8 Lite rooting via Super Root is an easy task and user-friendly android flashing method. Download Super Root and follow step by step guide to rooting your android device.

Credits for Huawei Rooting guide and download links

Credits for Huawei P8 Lite root tutorial and download link goes to XDA Developers for developing Super Root apk.


SP Flash Tool – Mediatek flashing Utility [ MTK Android tool]

SP flash tool is a smart and user friendly tool designed for MediaTek devices. Android Smartphone Flash tool supports flash stock, installing custom recovery and firmware updates. SPFlash tool is very supportive when you Flash stock ROM,unbrick or installing custom recovery for your Mediatek devices.

If you are using the scatter SP Flash is very much easy to use with CWM and appropriate software and driver installation. Download Smart Phone Flash Tool for Windows and Linux OS. SmartPhone Flash tool is for MTK devices,compatible with both 32 and 64 bit version.


SP Flash Latest Change Logs [5.1524.00]

  • Flash custom ROM
  • Android stock ROM flashing (Scatter based)
  • Fixes bricked devices
  • Advanced testing and verifying memory
  • Reset, format and erase MTK device
  • Write, read parameters

SP Flash Root Tool Compatible Devices

SmartPhone Flash Tool supports MT6595, MT6592, MT6582, MT6572, MT6589 and MT6589 devices.

  • HTC Desire 616
  • Micromax Canvas A1
  • Micromax Canvas Nitro
  • Micromax Canvas Cameo
  • Micromax Canvas Fire
  • Xolo Play 6x/8x 1100 and 8x 1200

SP Flash Download – System Requirements

  • Download SP Flash Tool from official site !
  • MediaTek USB VCOM driver downloads [get it through above official site]
  • Scatter file and flashing files
  • CWM recovery.img
  • A Windows/Linux PC
  • USB cable of mobile device

MediaTek USB VCOM Drivers Manual Installation

MediaTek USB VCOM driver download and installation properly connect your MediaTek device to PC properly.

Basic Tutorial – SmartPhone Flash for MediaTek devices

  • Download SP and install it.
  • Run SPFlash tool and load scatter file.
  • Uncheck all the options except recovery.
  • Go to Recovery and load recovery images downloaded before.
  • You will see “Recovery” box is now checked and recovery image location.
  • Turn off your MediaTek device.
  • Connect the mobile device and click “Download” on to the top.
  • A successive SP flash takes a few minute and you can see a green circle if the flash is successive.

Video Tutorial on how to Flash MediaTek devices with SP Flash Tool

Android SP Flash root tool is the best tool for MTK Android devices. flashing, installing custom and stock ROM and many other features. Download smartphone Flash tool for your Windows or Linux PC along with other files via above links/Official site.

MediaTek Flash Troubleshooting

In case of a failure of flashing the device re-Install MediaTek USB VCOM drivers. Search XDA for Troubleshooting and unique guide for certain device.

Ping Pong Root – Root Galaxy S6 with Ping Pong Root SM-G920 [Any Variants]

Ping Pong root tool is the easiest mean to root your Samsung S6 mobile without a PC. Download Ping Pong root makes a quick S6 root within few minute even without a PC.  PingPong Root is the best rooting tool for your Galaxy S6 or Samsung Galaxy s6 edge device. Plus PingPong roots will not trip your KNOX like cf auto root method.

Ping Pong Root APK  is compatible with  almost every Galaxy S6 variants PingPong APK is developed by Keen team. Ping Pong Root automatically creates data backups before further rooting process to be continued. So rooting with Ping Pong root  is apparently a risk-free procedure to be practiced. Follow our step by step guide for how to root galaxy S6 with PingPongRoot.


Ping Pong Root Compatible Galaxy S6 Models

  • International SM-G920I
  • T-Mobile SM-G920T
  • Sprint SM-G920P
  • AT&T SM-G920A
  • International SM-G920F
  • Verizon SM-G920V
  • US Cellular SM-G920R4

PingPong Root Compatible Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Mobiles

  • International SM-G925F
  • Verizon SM-G925V
  • China SM-G9250
  • AT&T SM-G925A
  • Sprint SM-G925P
  • T-Mobile SM-G925T
  • Canadian SM-G925W8

Latest Ping Pong Version Change Logs

  • Verizon SM-G920V and AT&T SM-G920A Galaxy S6 versions are supported
  • Including Verizon SM-G925 and AT&T SM-G925A all Galaxy S6 Edge versions are supported

Important Attention on Ping Pong Android Root

Ping Pong Root tool only offers rooting facility and if you need to install a custom ROM then install TWRP Manager.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy S6 Using Ping Pong

  • Go to “Settings” > “Security” > Tick “Unknown sources”.
  • Download Ping Pong Root APK for your Galaxy S6.
  • Install the downloaded PingPong.apk file and open the file.
  • Select “Download Data” > “Get Root” appears on PingPong Root app. (If the app asks for any permission then grant the permission).
  • Reboot Samsung Galaxy S6.
  • You will see “Kinguser” in the app drawer of the mobile and open it. ( new versions install superSU)
  • Without tripping KNOX galaxy S6 device will root.
  • Install Root Checker to make sure that you have rooted your S6 device successfully.

How to root Galaxy S6 with PingPong Root – Video Tutorial

Ping Pong root  is a new dimension of rooting mobile devices without using any PC. Android Ping Pong root is much easier and user-friendly rooting tool. Download latest Ping Pong for your Samsung Galaxy S6 and root almost any Galaxy s6 or s6 Edge device.

Root Samsung Galaxy S6 – Ping Pong Root FAQ

Q: Does M9/G Flex 2/other Arm64 devices support Ping Pong rooting?

A: Android Ping Pong root works with Galaxy S6 and Edge. M9 and G flex 2/others haven’t been tested yet.

Q: What can I do if my device keeps rebooting repeatedly?

A: Follow these steps,

  1. Before starting Ping Pong root clean background process.
  2. Turn on airplane mode.
  3. Run factory reset after keeping a data backup.
  4. Refrain from doing other performances unless it is required.

Ping Pong Download Credits

Credits for download Ping Pong Root and  Samsung Galaxy S6/ Edge Root tutorial goes to Keen team and

How to Root LG G4 H815 with SuperSU v2.46

Root LG G4 H815 – now you can root LG G4 with SuperSU by Chainefire. If you have LG G4 with Android 5.1 Lollipop version, Android SuperSU v2.46 supports rooting your LG G4. Chainefire’s release of SuperSU for LG G4 H815 is only for international European model as LG allows to unlock the bootloader is only for a limited pre-determined models. If you have another brand then you have to wait until LG announces the release of boot loader for them.

How To Root LG G4 With SuperSU

Rooting LG G4 allows install custom recovery and system partition changes. Only root access facilitated Xposed and its modules and Titanium back up apps can be used after LG G4 H815 SuperSU root. LG G4 rooting with SuperSU also uninstalls the bloatware for an optimum performance of LG G4 H815.


How TO root LG G4 H815 – SuperSU User Care

  • This rooting is only for LG G4 H815 phone model only. Applying this method to another model will damage the device.
  • Make sure that you have a data back up with you before SuperSU root begins
  • Rooting LG G4 H815 using SuperSU will void the manufacture’s warranty
  • Charge your LG mobile at least 80% to avoid sudden power failures

How to Unlock Bootloaders of LG G4 H815 Full Tutorial

The PC needs to identify the drivers of LG G4 H815 and to enable fastboot mode. Therefore download and install ADB drivers for mobile and enable OEM unlock.

  • Create a new account in LG developer site.
  • Confirm your account.
  • Go to LG developer page again and get your LG G4 H815 bootloader unlock.
  • Select model number as “LG G4 H815” and enter IMEI number and device ID.
  • You can see two lines of numbers and copy them into one line and enter on the required fields.
  • “unlock.bin” file will reach you in a sort period form LG.
  • Open CMD on the folder, unlock.bin is available and enter “fastboot flash unlock unlock.bin”.

Now you have unlock the bootloader and now you are privileged to install custom ROM files to your new LG G4 H815 and root LG G4 with SuperSU.

Complete Tutorial on How to Root LG G4 H815 Using SuperSU

  • Unlock bootloader of LG G4 to install custom recovery for LG G4 H815.
  • Install ADB tools and drivers for LG G4 H815
  • Install TWRP recover tool
  • Download android SuperSU v2.46 for your LG mobile
  • Then establish the connection between the PC and mobile using USB cable
  • Reboot mobile and go to Recovery mode.
  • Open a command windows in the folder, TWRP recovery file saved. Hold Shift key and right click on an empty space. Select “Open command window here” from the drop down menu appears.
  • Execute “ADB reboot recovery” command in the command window and press enter.
  • Click “Install” and give the location you saved SuperSU file.
  • Then Select the file and swipe on “Swipe to Confirm Flash” option.
  • If the rooting is successful then you will be able to see text in Blue text.
  • Go to Reboot > System and reboot the LG G4 H815 mobile.