Best root apps for android 2015

I am proud to say that I am an Android root user. Of course, it is a risk. But overall there are tons of root-only apps that impress and even lift us. Our narration about Root apps for Android 2015 will let you know what are the features that you can encounter with root permission rather than remain with the framed stock operating system. Just root your Samsung, LG, HTC, Nokia, Huawei, Oppo, Sony or whatever Android using a reliable and proper application. And then you can easily count those modules, themes, games, apps and tweaks available for devices with root permission.

root apps 2015

Top root apps for Android 2015

We will suggest you a couple of amazing and top rated apps. But there are thousands of similar suggestions that you can add to the top root apps list.

Adblock Plus

This is a free app that can welcome on your rooted device without any advanced condition. It can help you to get rid of those troublesome advertisements that display on third-party applications.

JRummy Apps

This is not about a single installation. JRummy is a popular developer with many root-only apps. You can find out his offers from Google Play Store. There are BusyBox Installer, ROM Toolbox, file explorer, BuildProp Editor and more. These will help you with more customizations and amazing deals after ROM installations.

Magisk Manager

Magisk Manager is one of the highlighted root-only apps that you can never encounter as a usual Android user. If there are apps that you love to use but cannot go through as a root user like Netflix, use Magisk Manager. It will let you stand between root and non-root by hiding your status to bring those apps on your device.

Permission Rular

This is a kind out of a security app. When you keep the device on your pocket, apps will not be able to function without your direct permission. This is free to install and quite easy to use.

Solid Explorer

I feel that Solid Explorer is one of the important names here and even on your device with root permission. It is capable to help you even when your device is not rooted. There are additional features that will add to the features list of root-only. It is a plain and simple application as well. It offers both free and paid options. Even though you purchase the paid one, it is cheap for having a perfect frame.