How to root Samsung Galaxy S6 ( CF Auto Root Method )

Its Good news for Samsung Galaxy S6 series owners because now you can root  Samsung Galaxy S6 and  Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with Chainfire’s CF-Auto-Root. Now you can Root Galaxy S6 devices with CF-Auto-Root.

Galaxy S6 Compatible device with this rooting tutorial (CF-Auto-Root)

We have confirmed and tested root with following  devices with this tutorial.If you have other model please leave a comment on our comment section. We will add the compatible devices for rooting galaxy S6.

  • SM-G920F (international version)


How to root Samsung Galaxy S6

Pre-check list for galaxy S6 Rooting process

  • Update / Install latest USB drivers for your Samsung device
  • Enable USB Debugging on Your Android device (5.0 Lollipop, Android 4.2.x. )
    1. Settings –> About Phone –> Build number –> Tap 7 times and become developer
    2. Settings –> Developer Options –> USB Debugging.
  • Always Backup your phone. This process will clear all of your Data. (custom recovery backup will be handy )
  • Charge your galaxy S6 ( 90 % ) for smooth and uninterrupted rooting process
  • Rooting will void manufacturer’s & Knox warranty.
  • Check and confirm your device Model with this tutorial. To Check model number To to Settings–> About device–> Model number.

Rooting tools for Samsung Galaxy S6 – Direct Download links

  1. CF Auto Root file :
  2. Odin v3.10

How to root Samsung Galaxy S6 ( S6 & S6 Edge) – Rooting tutorial

  • Unzip the files and get “.tar.md5” extension ( If you get another file name or file called recovery.img ,cache.img, unzip again to get mentioned file )
  • Enter Download mode on your Galaxy S6 device. (hold Home, Power and Volume Down buttons for a few seconds and follow,click instructions)
  • Check and confirmed our “Pre-check list for galaxy S6 Rooting process”
  • Run Odin 3.10 on PC and Connected S6 to the PC using USB cable. Note: your phone must be in download mode.when you sucess conection your S6 to odin , Odin will show “Added message”.
  • Through Odin click the AP button –> select the .tar.md5 file (unzipped file).
  • deselect / confirm Auto-reboot  & F.Reset Time options aren’t selected and uncheck Repartition button.
  • Click START button. You may check everything for safer rooting process.
  • Rooting process will begin and it will be finish in few minutes. Then your galaxy S6 will reboot.

Galaxy S6 root Troubleshooting

If you run into problem or your device is fail to root, Check and confirm your device model. Than redo this tutorial again.If you fail again un-check the “Auto Reboot option” in Odin.Switch off your device. Then press the Volume Up + Home +Power button to boot S6 into recovery mode. Then it will start install process for rooting your phone. This is the simplest how to root galaxy S6 guide and enjoy your rooted Galaxy s6.


12 Responses to How to root Samsung Galaxy S6 ( CF Auto Root Method )

  1. I tried to use chainroot, and got stuck on the logo screen. normally you’d battery pull, go to recovery and wipe data. but i can’t find any way to shut down the phone, before doing power-upVol-home.

    And now i’ve tried to odin a stock recovery to undo chainroot, odin fails. could re-run odin with auto-reboot off, but again, no way to shut off and go to recovery.

    at this point i’m stuck with the blue screen asking me to use smart switch on PC to do emergency recovery. but smartswitch says the device is not recognized.

    thoughts? thanks!

    • PeeWee says:

      Had the same issue. After holding down vol up, vol down, home and power the phone rebooted and supersu was installed succesfully. Now the S6 is perfectly rooted 😉

  2. elis says:

    when i click home + Down volume+ power button it doesnt get me to download mode but to some chinese word i do not understand, What can i do?

  3. Chris says:

    And Nothing for the 920V ughh.

  4. Brayan says:

    I had a problem with the root in the SM-G900I, I start with the odin but when the phone start dont pass on the first boot…

  5. Sam says:

    Anything for the G920W?

  6. Wesley says:

    when going to root it says installation failure. Reason being device needs to be unlocked. I’m pretty sure my phone is an international unlocked phone. I’ve used different sims in it before.

  7. Wesley says:

    Sorry, want to confirm my model number SM-G9250

  8. jose frank says:

    you used this file but this file
    is used only in v 5.0 maybe you have v5.1.1 this boot is bloked for t mobile

  9. john says:

    Y no root for G920A?

  10. eno says:

    Please someone help, i cant use my Phone, its totaly out of function. After trying to istall the Root from Odin, it got stucked on Samsung Galaxy S6 screen and it wont work and do nothing.. and there is a sign in red : RECOVERY IS NOT SEANDROID ENFORCING. What do i have to do?? pls a comment im waiting so long

  11. Hold the all keys at the same time and it will shout down. Then flash with a compress file called root.tar to bring it back to factory. I have Galaxy S6 and the S6 edge +
    SM-G925I And SM-G928P

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